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One convenient location. One level of care. Excellent.

We founded Windhaven Surgery Center in 2007 with one mission in mind. We wanted to provide our patients a single location to receive all the care they needed to keep their spine healthy. Since that time we have added outpatient operating rooms, pain management, and on-site imaging.


The premier location for your
spine and brain health.

Coordinating all the care for your spine health can be difficult. Rather than having to travel to multiple locations, you can come to one central location to receive the care for your spine.


From physical therapy, to outpatient procedures, at Windhaven Surgery Center, we do our best to provide all the care you need in one easy to navigate location.

Unmatched convenience for multiple procedure types.

Procedures offered at our facility include Lumbar Spine and Cervical Spine surgeries. Carpal Tunnel Releases, Ulnar nerve transposition, Vertebroplasties, Dorsal Column Stimulator placements, foot and ankle surgeries.


Facial Plastics and some Ear Nose and Throat procedures (Face lifts, neck lifts, brow lifts, nose reconstruction (rhinoplasties) and laser resurfacing.


We also offer Pain Management procedures including Cervical and Lumbar Injections, Discograms, Cervical and Lumbar Rhizotomy and Sacroillac Injections.

X-Ray Results
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